Why you should consider joining the OFT Group


The reason our staff members join our organization is due to “why” we do what we do. 


While our Group’s primary goal is to trade profitably, we recognize our responsibility in delivering benefit to all of those in our employ. As such we endeavour to assist the youth of Africa to have the means to create a positive future by honestly listening as their generation use their voices to drive change and build awareness about the growing inequality that exists across our continent.


We make it our priority, not only to provide training, experience and qualification, but to place successful team members on a career path whereby we can support them to excel in their chosen professions and incorporate them into the core functions of our business.


To ensure that we are successful in our endeavours our Group Human Resources team has put into place the following operating structures: 

OFT Student Support and 

Digital Learnership Program


Our HCD department strives to identify our employee’s children who are confronted with financial challenges when striving to complete their initial schooling and related academic studies. Assistance is provided annually to provide avenues for the students that require educational options, technical skills and potential careers within our Group.


Assistance available is as follows:


  • Apprenticeships,
  • Business plan review and Seed Capital Assistance, 
  • Online access to learning and Curricular Content.

OFT Staff

Business Incubation Program


We attempt to aid our various budding entrepreneurs to enter the industry based on receiving a digital Business Proposal for consideration by our OFT Business development team. Once vetted, successful Proposals received may trigger a Seed Capital loan, Partnership proposal, Mentorship or Development program.

OFT Online Knowledge Portal


Our OFT Knowledge Portal's objective is to update and maintain a dedicated site that provides updated and factual Resources, Information, Thought Leading Opinion and Innovative articles to assist any user searching for Knowledge and how to access Free Educational links to qualify themselves affordably.

OFT Online Health Portal


Our Health Portals objective is to update and maintain factual and helpful links to assist with making informed decisions by providing direction to Self-Diagnosis Tools, Practical First Aid, Terminal Disease Survivor Stories, Nutritional and Opinion leading articles.

OFT Online News Portal


In the age of alternative facts and fake news our News Portal site is updated and maintained to provide a range of verified links to sites which offer verified news stories, editorial and analysis focused on SA, its political character, Finances, Ratings and Analysis.

MOC Foundation Program 


The MOC Foundation based in South Africa is a Christian organization that partners with the OFT Human Resources team to provide mentorship programs and project inputs at no cost to our Group.


The MOC foundation’s various programs are mostly achieved through partnerships built with various FBO's, NPO's and Donors.