OFT Training Programs


Our Group serves various market segments in the Power, Water, ICT, Media, Chemical, Process Management, Marine, HVAC and Refrigeration Industries.


As a dynamic organisation we are focused on continuously searching for motivated individuals with the right aptitude and attitude to push our industries boundaries and standards. Through investing in our employees in terms of training and development opportunities, the Group continuously strives to provide clients and staff members with best in class solutions and services which includes:

In-House - Soft Skill Training Projects


We believe coalface and practical on the job training is one of the main reasons to our business success. Understanding the daily functions within each business unit ensures that overall organisational goals are achieved. As such we are building and providing online knowledge and learning platforms to guide our staff and management towards achieving competency in their chosen fields.

Technical Skills Training


Our various apprenticeship, learner ship and experiential learning programs provide our technical teams with the ability to apply their working knowledge within the company and to ensure sustainable career paths within our various industries. Our internal technical training centre (Legacy Learning Solutions) provides various technical programs which work in collaboration with our Campus Manufacturing and Process Management sites in South Africa and Mozambique covering Engineering, Process Management and Practical Site Training.



The Group values the safety of its employees and strives to offer a safe work environment for all its employees by investing in providing current safety training to all its employees.

Leadership and Management Training


The success of our business depends on every employee and the leadership they offer towards each other in the daily performance of their tasks. As such investing in our leadership through coaching programs, cultivates our ongoing succession planning and provides stability for the future of our businesses.

Should you wish to know more about our in-house training programs please contact recruitment@oftgroup.co.za